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Pressing for a Great Cup of Coffee

Do you ever feel like you’re throwing good money after bad when you buy expensive ground coffee or whole beans, just to end up with a mediocre cup of coffee? The French press is a simple way to solve that problem. It produces a better cup than 95% of the drip coffee machines, and 100% of the pod machines in American homes.

The French press is an infusion coffee brewing method in which the coffee grinds sit in hot water, extracting all the coffee's goodness. It takes a little more time and a pinch more effort than drip coffee, but I guarantee that with a little practice you can get a consistently delicious cup of coffee! 

This is why the French press is an excellent way to brew your morning joe.

  • It only requires a press, a way to get water to near-boil, a timer (I use my phone), a grinder if you buy whole beans, and quality fresh coffee
  • It requires ten minutes total: 5 minutes to bring the coffee to 195-205° F, and 4 to 5 minutes to steep the coffee.
  • Once the coffee is steeping, you can set your timer and walk away from the process. 
  • There is minimal cost to getting started with a French press.

You can find a variety of French presses in different sizes and styles. Here are three I recommend from Amazon (non-endorsed).

An insulated 1-liter/34 oz. stainless steel French press

A really cool 12 oz. French press

A more traditional 1-liter/34 oz. French press

If you are new to this brew method, check out these videos on how to French press:

Add your comments. Tell us what you like about the French press, or how frequently you press your coffee. And as always, email me with questions at bill@beechcreekcoffee.com.

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Carpe java! 

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  • Fresh beans and freshly ground always tends to make the best french press cup of coffee. Also, I have found it’s very important to not let it over steep, but to press down very close to the timer. I usually use 4 minutes steep time. Thanks for the helpful article!

    Brittany Wheeler

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