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Safe & Delicious Coffee in COVID-19 Times

Coronavirus has changed our normal. We think differently about so many things that in the past we gave no thought to or took for granted. During these remarkable times, we pray for God’s protection for our loved ones, neighbors, country, and for those around the world. It has made me rethink and recommit to best practices for the safety of our coffees.

Here are a few facts that will hopefully put your mind at ease concerning the safety of coffee you order from us. 

  • All our imported green coffees arrive in hermetically sealed GrainPro® polyethylene bags. The coffee seeds are sealed in these bags after processing in the country of origin. 
  • Only one person (me, Bill) handles the coffees from their arrival at our facilities through roasting, packaging, and shipping or delivery.
  • Food-grade nitrile gloves are worn at every stage of the roasting and packaging process. That means that after being packaged in the country of origin, the first person to touch your coffee is you!
  • During the roasting process, the coffee beans are held at temperatures ranging from 320° to 425° F or higher for 5 to 8 minutes.
  • Our coffee bags are heat-sealed immediately after packaging to isolate the coffee from bacteria and viruses.
  • All containers, utensils, and equipment used in processing the coffee, including the roaster, are cleaned and sanitized.
  • Experts report that packaging, including that for prepared or packaged foods, and food products themselves present an extremely low risk for transferring the Coronavirus. That’s why drive-through food pickup is widely allowed around the country.
  • Our no-contact local home deliveries are made in the wee hours (before 7 a.m.).

Hopefully this gives you some peace of mind when ordering our great coffees. Email me at bill@beechcreekcoffee.com with any questions you have.

Until this is all behind us, be safe and drink good coffee! 


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  • We enjoyed the paplia New Guinea and the Kenya AA. I think we liked the Kenya AA best. Barb loves The Columbia Excelso decaf. We are ordering more coffee today☺️


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