We Guarantee You Will Like Our Fresh, Artisan-Roasted Coffees!

What are "artisan roasted specialty coffees"?

BeechCreek Coffee Roasters delivers a great selection of artisan-roasted, specialty coffees to the doorsteps of our clients. Regardless of where you live, we will deliver to your home for only $3.95 per order. In Lexington, South Carolina that means early morning delivery to your doorstep.  

Artisan roasted means each batch is roasted by a human in small batches to make sure each batch is roasted to perfection. No automated conveyor belts loading hundreds of pounds into automated roasters.  

Specialty coffees are the cream of the crop of green coffees. A small percentage of coffee grown qualifies as specialty grade as defined by the Specialty Coffee Association. Except for the rare exception, such as decaffeinated coffees that rarely rise to specialty grade, we endeavor to find the best specialty coffees available and roast them for you.

We guarantee our coffees will be fresh and delicious. If not, we will replace your coffee or give you a full refund.

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