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Our Choice of Light Roast

Our Choice of Light Roast

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We'll choose great coffees, roast them lightly, and deliver them to you fresh. You may also occasionally receive some great light roasted coffees available only through the "Our Choice" program, coffees we do not otherwise offer. "Our Choice" works especially well as a subscription but we're happy to deliver individual orders as well. 

In lightly roasted coffees, flavors from individual coffee seeds dominate the cup's flavor and flavors from the roasting process are minimized. The result is a variety of great light roasted coffees that each show off the unique flavors inherent in each coffee.  

If we send you a coffee that sells for less than $11.95 we will charge you the lower price for that coffee. If we choose a coffee we sell for more than $11.95 we will charge you just $11.95. 

We will occasionally rotate in a decaffeinated coffee if you select that option.

Never again run out of coffee again and save 6% with a coffee subscription.

We deliver to your front door for free in Lexington, Irmo, Batesburg-Leesville, or West Columbia, South Carolina! Delivery to the rest of the continental U.S. is just $4.95. Free home delivery and $4.95 deliver require a minimum order of  two bags. 

12 oz. bag.